sábado, 17 de maio de 2008

Um longo Verão de Noivado

Recebida por e-mail, esta brilhante analogia.

You know the whole idea of the Democrats going for Obama is like a seduction? People have basically been seduced by his charms, let their hearts rule their heads, chosen the dashing, charming Obama over the solid, clunky Clinton.

So now I'm thinking you can take this a step further. You're the early-voting Democrats you have had a whirlwind romance with Obama, a dashing, tall attractive, relative stranger. And you've got engaged!

But now there is some time before the wedding.

And you're introducing your fiance to their family and friends around the country. And the family and friends aren't impressed. They think this guy is a bit flash. They prefer the solid, clunky person you spurned. And even you are starting to have doubts. [...] And in fact, just like in any relationship, after the initial infatuation wears off, you discover he actually has some things about him that you don't like. He has some friends you don't really approve of (even his pastor is crazy!) [...]. Meanwhile, the spurned suitor is showing a lot of bravery, being pretty tough, showing they still really want you, and are willing to fight for you. [...]

And suddenly you're stuck. Do you call off the engagement or keep going and> hope for the best?

Andrew Gray

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