sábado, 26 de maio de 2007

European Political Ideologies


Também fiz este teste duas vezes, e os resultados foram consistentes: no primeiro lugar, surgiu em ambos os casos a denominação Liberal Social; nas restantes posições, e entre as cinco primeiras, repetiram-se mais três: Social-Democrata; Terceira Via; Ecologista/Verde.

Definições dadas no sítio em causa:

Liberal Social
Like all liberals, you believe in individual freedom as a central objective - but you believe that lack of economic opportunity, education, healthcare etc. can be just as damaging to liberty as can an oppressive state. As a result, social liberals are generally the most outspoken defenders of human rights and civil liberties, and combine this with support for a mixed economy, with an enabling state providing public services to ensure that people's social rights as well as their civil liberties are upheld.

Like other socialists, you believe in a more economically equal society - but you have jettisoned any belief in the idea of the planned economy. You believe in a mixed economy, where the state provides certain key services and where the productivity of the market is harnessed for the good of society as a whole. Many social democrats are hard to distinguish from social liberals, and they share a tolerant social outlook.

Terceira Via
The Third Way is a fairly nebulous concept, but it rests on the idea of combining economic efficiency - i.e. a market economy with some intervention - with social responsibility. The focus is emphatically on the community as a whole, and not necessarily equality per se. Adherents of the Third Way range from moderate to conservative in their social views, and have recently been willing to take a "tough" line on a range of social issues.

You believe that the single greatest challenge of our time is the threat to our natural environment, and you feel that radical action must be taken to protect it - whether in the enlightened self-interest of humanity (in the tradition of 'shallow ecologism') or, more radically, from the perspective of the ecosystem as a whole, without treating humans as the central species (deep ecologism).

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