terça-feira, 17 de julho de 2007

Contra a Excepção Moral Polaca

Via Devaneios Desintéricos soube que está a ser realizada uma iniciativa contra a excepção moral polaca que terá partido do Coroas de Pinho. Naturalmente, já cumpri a minha parte, e incentivo todos a fazerem o mesmo.

Dear Mister/Miss ...,
Europe, as a community united around common political institutions, stands on the principles of Freedom, Equality and Fraternity, respect for Human Rights and the rule of Law. These are essential values of the European process and union and criterions to which applying countries must abide before becoming members and, as such, it is only natural to expect that a new European treaty would uphold those same principles. That is not, however, what one concludes when reading a clause of paragraph 18 of the draft document approved still during the German presidency that seeks to establish a legal exception that allows the Polish government to, according to its particular moral standards, determine if the citizens of Poland may or may not appeal to the European courts.If this clause makes it to the final version of the new European treaty, it will, in practice, pronounce the end of the rule of Law in the European Union and, as a consequence, the disrespect of one of the basic principles on which a united Europe was built. It would equal to an acceptance that fundamental Rights and Duties apply differently to different European citizens depending on the private moral standards of the members of their national governments. It would equal to an acceptance that the right to appeal to a European court would depend on the moralist approval of a national executive. It would, in the end, be reason enough to ask why is Turkey denied the right to be part of the European Union based on its disrespect of Human Rights when Poland is allowed an exemption on that same topic.As such, as a European, I come to ask you to prevent the inclusion of that clause of paragraph 18 in the final version of the new European treaty so that it may preserve and uphold the principle that in the European Union fundamental Rights and Duties apply to all its citizens regardless of their nationality, political opinions, race, religious belief, gender or sexual orientation.
Segue-se a lista de destinatários e respectivos endereços para onde devem enviar a mensagem. Enviem para todos eles de modo a maximizar o protesto:
Durão Barroso, Presidente da Comissão Europeia: sg-web-president@ec.europa.eu
Anna Colombo, Secretária-Geral do Partido Socialista Europeu: anna.colombo@europarl.europa.eu
Maria D'Alimonte, Secretária-Geral da Esquerda Unida/Esquerda Verde Nórdica: maria.dalimonte@europarl.europa.eu
Alexander Beels, Secretário-Geral do Grupo da ALDE: alexander.beels@europarl.europa.eu
Partido Popular Europeu: epp-ed@europarl.europa.eu
Para o Primeiro-Ministro Português só mesmo copiando a mensagem e enviando por aqui.

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