quarta-feira, 6 de junho de 2007

Censura polaca

O Devaneios continua a trazer-nos novas do Biblical Belt Europeu (anteriormente conhecido como Polónia). Vale a pena ver o que a censura polaca fez a uma das melhores séries produzidas nos últimos tempos pela BBC, Little Britain.

Onde é que isto vai parar?

Polish censor cuts gay 'Little Britain' sketch
Poland's state broadcaster TVP says it has censored an episode of the British comedy show Little Britain because it showed a gay vicar kissing his boyfriend.
"We decided to cut a scene which could cause controversy among Polish viewers and which isn't exactly in line with our mission as a public television channel," TVP spokeswoman Aneta Wrona told AFP.
TVP cut around one minute of the episode because it objected to a sketch showing Dafydd, who is played by the openly gay Little Britain creator Matt Lucas.
The leather and rubber clad character has acquired cult status among British viewers for sketches in which he sits in the Welsh community of Llanddewi Brefi, complaining loudly that he is "the only gay in the village," oblivious to the fact that every other member of the community also appears to be homosexual.
The contested scene shows Dafydd manning an erotic products stall at church fete and attempting to spark an argument about religious homophobia with the local vicar.
The vicar, however, introduces his verger and boyfriend, who is portrayed in camp style by Lucas's fellow-creator David Walliams.
"British viewers are more open and indulgent than their Polish counterparts. It's a different sense of humour, and one which is sometimes incomprehensible for the Polish public," Ms Wrona said.
She says it was the only time that TVP had censored the show, and noted that the broadcaster had the right to cut scenes under its contract with BBC television.
Little Britain also uses gay themes in other sketches - including one showing a civil servant who is in love with a Tony Blair-like character and constantly thinks up ruses to ensnare the prime minister.
The show, which pokes fun at a swathe of British life, was first broadcast by the BBC in 2003.
It has become one of the most popular comedy series in Britain, where its catchphrases are common currency.

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