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Férias - abordagem europeia e a abordagem americana

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Perhaps one reason that the environment is so unimportant to Americans is that they never see it, they are always working. According to Walter Kirn in the New York Times,
the USA is
"a nation of remarkably productive, often well-paid workers who are becoming increasingly reluctant to pause from their labors and refresh their souls — a nation whose cash-drenched corporate employers typically don’t pay for much time off (less than two weeks annually, on average), a nation whose globe-gripping federal government is the only one in the whole industrialized world not to legally require generous periods of paid kick-back-and-hang time — is a nation that’s socially screwed up, particularly in comparison with European countries like France, which orders its citizens outside to play for the entire month of August and a few other weeks spread through the year."

Nos comentários há uma discussão interessante que opõe a liberdade de cada um negociar com o empregador as férias que irá ter e a possibilidade de ter férias (ou seja, a ausência de poder negocial de determinadas fatias da população).

Argumento contra a definição legislativa das férias:

  1. I don't want my government telling me what I or my employer has to do with my time. That is between my employer and me. There may be many reasons for my work contract looking the way it does, and I might be able to get more pay if I am willing to take less vacation time. There are many other economic reasons I could use, but I don't want the government taking over my right to negotiate the terms of my employment more than they already do.
Argumentos a favor da intervenção governamental (há nuances entre as várias opiniões):
  1. I don't believe the author is saying anything about the use of our personal time or the ability to negotiate time off. It appears that they are just stating a limit, similar to minimum wage, should be set as a safeguard
  2. There is one huge advantage to mandatory leave - EVERYONE gets it! I have friends who work at low-paid jobs to support themselves and they get as much leave as some of the higher paid individuals in Oxford. This is not the case in the USA where many low-paid jobs come with **NO** paid leave.
  3. For many people, it's not just that they can't afford to miss one paycheck, it's that they'll lose their job if they take vacation.

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