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Grande mulher: Homa Arjomand, opositora à Sharia

We should not allow any cultural restrictions to interfere with our justice system. We should acknowledge the fact that religion and traditional cultures are serious barriers to women’s liberation.
We should mobilize people under the slogan of separation of religion from state and justice system.
We should acknowledge all religions as private matters. A person’s religion should not enter the picture in defining their social and political identity nor should it be a factor in their interactions with the state.

Discurso na University Women’s Club por Homa Arjomand

12 de Setembro 2005
Mr McGuinty, who had been studying Ms Boyd's report since last December, said he was concerned religious family courts could "threaten our common ground". He told the Canadian Press news agency: "There will be no Sharia law in Ontario. There will be no religious arbitration in Ontario. There will be one law for all Ontarians." 'Loud and clear' Women's rights activist Homa Ar-Jomand, who helped organise the rallies last Thursday, said she was delighted by the decision. "I think our voice got heard loud and clear, and I thank the government for coming out with no faith-based arbitrations. "That was the best news I've heard for the past five years," she said.

8 de Setembro 2005
Homa Ar-Jomand, campaign protest co-ordinator, believes that the system should be completely secular.
"We strongly believe that Islam has never been moderated," she said, adding that faith-based arbitration of family disputes is not relevant in the modern world.

26 de Agosto de 2004
Canada is a country well-known for being committed to multiculturalism, but now this most accepting of countries is debating whether tolerance has its limits.

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