quarta-feira, 15 de agosto de 2007

Multiculturalismo e Terrorismo

Já alguém se apercebeu que a laica França tem menos problemas de terrorismo e mais muçulmanos que o multicultural Reino Unido?


E já alguém ponderou os motivos?

Dicas (a primeira mais à esquerda, a segunda de direita):
  1. The argument against multiculturalism and for integration has, needless to say, an even longer lineage in critiques from both left and right in the 1970s. But its post-2001 manifestation was new in a crucial respect: it came from the pluralistic centre-left, and was articulated by people who previously rejected polarising models of race and class and were sympathetic to the “rainbow”, coalitional politics of identity and the realignment and redefinition of progressive forces that it implied.
    By 2004, it was common to read or hear that the cultural separatism and self-segregation of Muslim migrants represented a challenge to Britishness, and that a “politically-correct” multiculturalism had fostered fragmentation rather than integration.

  2. The logical result of multiculturalism is to create a world of primitive, tribalistic mentalities that form countless sub-tribes based on unchosen identities and battle each other for power and unearned wealth until all values (and lives) are destroyed—which is the ultimate goal of nihilism.

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